Facebook seems to be seeking to enter the smart glasses market by introducing augmented reality glasses (AR), and believes that the glasses will be good enough to replace your smartphone, according to the report of the site "CNBC" news.

Facebook cooperated with Luxotica, the parent company of renowned sunglasses company Rayban, to develop glasses that it hopes will eventually replace smartphones.

These glasses, which are internally dubbed "Orion", will be able to receive phone calls, display information via a small screen in their frame, and allow users to broadcast live what they see to their followers on social media.

The glasses will also include a voice assistant based on artificial intelligence, as well as a ring device, but it is not entirely clear how this will work. Internally, the ring has the symbolic name "Agios".

According to the report, consumers can expect to introduce these high-tech glasses to the market by 2023 or a maximum of 2025.

Citing an anonymous source familiar with the project, CNN reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to prioritize the completion of Orion glasses.

The company hinted at the glasses in October when it told TechCrunch that they were doing a lot of research to create enhanced impact glasses.

It was noteworthy that Google was the first to introduce augmented reality glasses under the name "Google Glass" in 2013, but soon failed those glasses did not find their way to the market because of the lack of appropriate applications, and high price, does Facebook succeed what Google was unable to?