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The National Gathering, which, in the absence of a parliamentary group, was not supposed to speak at the Assembly during the immigration debate of September 30, should finally be allowed five minutes of speaking time, ceded by the ex-LREM deputy Matthieu Orphelin.

"Marine Le Pen and the National Rally are trying to launch a false controversy over the fact that they will be gagged during the immigration debate, in order to extinguish it and to make the voice of the many millions of people who vote for them heard, I give up my time and leave it to the MP of the RN Ludovic Pajot, "said Wednesday Matthew Orphelin, claimed opponent of the RN.

The non-attached members were given 5 minutes of speaking time, and it was Matthieu Orphelin's turn to benefit.

"Obviously, it does not change the fact that I will get involved on this subject, especially with the tabling of a bill to better anticipate the issues related to environmental displacement and climate refugees," said this close Nicolas Hulot in front of the press.

A debate on immigration, without a vote, is being organized on September 30 in the National Assembly and on October 2 in the Senate, as Emmanuel Macron wanted.

Fifteen days into this debate, the head of state set the course for the majority and the government Monday night by calling to "look at this issue": "The left has not wanted to look at this problem for decades The popular classes have thus migrated to the far right.

His statements sparked controversy in the ranks of the opposition, including in the National Rally, which saw an "electioneering" and "communication".

"The situation will continue to worsen as the issue of national borders or family reunification will not be put on the table - how do you expect the National Gathering to be satisfied with a debate where it is told to close it," said the party on Tuesday Deputy RN Sebastien Chenu, before the decision of Matthieu Orphelin to leave his time to the extreme right party.

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