The Islamic Republic of Iran sent Monday an "official note" to the United States in which it "insists that it played no role" in the attacks against Saudi Arabia, contrary to what Sunday Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo said on Sunday.

Iran has sent the United States via Switzerland an "official note" in which it denies having played any role in the attacks on Saturday against Saudi Arabia, reported Wednesday the official agency Irna.

Iran "condemns" US accusations

In a note sent Monday to the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which represents US interests in Iran, the Islamic Republic "insists that it played no role in this attack," writes Irna. According to the agency, the text "denies and condemns the accusations [of US President Donald] Trump and [of his Foreign Minister Mike] Pompeo" against the Islamic Republic. The message "warns US officials" by emphasizing "that if any action were to be taken against Iran, it would oppose an immediate response far beyond a mere threat," says the dispatch to IRNA.

Mike Pompeo accused Iran directly on Sunday of being responsible for the attacks claimed yesterday by Yemeni Houthi rebels against prominent oil installations in Saudi Arabia, the regional rival of the Islamic Republic. Donald Trump said he was ready to respond to these attacks in support of his Saudi ally. "It seems" that Iran is behind, "but I want to know for sure who is responsible" before making a decision, he nevertheless said.

More diplomatic relations since 1980

Iran and the United States no longer have diplomatic relations since 1980. Saudi Arabia is due to announce on Wednesday the results of its investigation into these attacks on the kingdom, where American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo is expected to discuss possible response.