According to US President Donald Trump, Iran is responsible for the military attack on oil installations in Saudi Arabia. However, he doesn't see that as a reason to start a war, he said on Monday according to Reuters news agency .

At the moment there is still an investigation going into the possible involvement of Iran in the attacks. According to Trump, it seems that the drone attacks came from Iran.

Iran denies the allegations, both from the United States and from a coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia. "Such fruitless and blind accusations are incomprehensible and meaningless," said the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

As a result of the attack on the Saudi oil fields, people fear the outbreak of a new military conflict in the Middle East. However, Trump emphasized on Monday that the US does not want that. "I am not someone who wants to wage war," said Trump.

The attack on the oil fields caused about 5 percent of worldwide oil production to come to a halt. Oil prices have therefore risen worldwide.

Oil company Saudi Aramco still expects production problems for weeks.

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