Train derailed in Hong Kong 8 people injured 5 people taken to hospital September 17 15:13

On the morning of the 17th in Hong Kong, the train that was going to arrive at the final station with passengers derailed, and according to the Hong Kong government, five people were transported to the hospital.

After 9:30 am on the 17th of Japan time, the train that was trying to enter the station platform at Hong Kong's Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong suddenly derailed.

According to the Hong Kong government and the fire department, eight men and women were injured in the neck and shoulders in this accident, and five of them were transported to the hospital.

According to the railway company, the 12th train had more than 500 people commuting and going to school, and the 4th and 5th cars and the 6th car were derailed when they were arriving at the last stop, Hong Kang Station. about it.

In the local media video, the derailed vehicle's coupler was disconnected and stopped across the track, and many passengers walked down the track from the door and evacuated.

According to the Hong Kong government, one crack was found on the track near the site.

The Hong Kong government director Chen Yuan Transportation and Housing Department said, “We do not eliminate all possibilities for the cause of the accident, we will cooperate with the police and try our best to investigate.” .

* “Stone” means “Intuition”.

The scene is ...

At the derailment site, three trains were derailed in a way that crossed multiple tracks.
On the side of the train's derailed train, it was confirmed that there was a hole that seemed to have hit something, and the rails and sleepers were left behind.