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The triple murder drama of Valga: two children deprived of his most direct family


José Luis Abet Lafuente, 45, has spent his first night deprived of liberty after having confessed a triple crime in which he shot his ex-wife, his ex-mother-in-law and his ex

  • Galicia: A man murders his ex-wife, his former mother-in-law and his former sister-in-law in the town of Valga in Pontevedra
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José Luis Abet Lafuente , 45, has spent his first night deprived of freedom after having confessed a triple crime in which he shot his ex-wife, his ex-mother-in-law and his ex-sister-in-law in front of their two children, just Four and seven years. In addition to depriving children of three of their most direct relatives - their mother, their aunt and grandmother -, they have condemned them to an existence that will undoubtedly be marked by the memory of having witnessed how their father killed their mother in the front seat of the car while they were sitting behind.

A close relative came to the house after the crime and took care of the children, taking them to a neighbor's house where they tried to keep them entertained and in a stable environment playing with friends their age until noon. They were then taken care of by a great uncle, who will take care of them during the first few days.

The court must determine what will happen to the custody of the children. The Xunta de Galicia offered to welcome them, but also several relatives, so that everything indicates that someone will be appointed as their legal guardian. It is possible that it is his grandfather, at the time father and husband of the three deceased and the other person, along with the children, more beaten by this tragedy.

This Tuesday, after spending the night in the dungeons of the Commander of the Civil Guard of Pontevedra, José Luis Abet will be transferred to the magistrate holder of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Caldas de Reis , specialized in violence against women, and that He has taken charge of the triple murder investigation.

The crime occurred around eight o'clock yesterday morning Monday in the enclosure of the house where the couple had lived until the divorce. José Luis and Sandra came from another town, but they built the house from scratch before getting married, ten years ago, and it was the family home until two years ago they separated and in January 2018 they had the divorce decree.

Although the relationship was being stormy in recent months, there was no prior complaint of gender-based violence nor was there a protection order for the victim, who had only asked his family for help. His closest friends were not surprised by a call they received early yesterday, when the now detained showed up without permission in the old family home and approached his wife when he was about to take the children to his mother so that she Send them to school.

In recent times it was common for José Luis to annoy his ex-wife, so when she saw him arrive, he told his family and his mother and sister moved to the place. When they arrived, he had already shot with a gun for which his ex-wife lacked a license while sitting in the vehicle. Then it was their turn, first to their former sister-in-law and then to her former mother-in-law.

After killing his three victims, he fled the scene, stopped at the Tambre River to drop the murder weapon and took refuge at his mother's house in the town of Ames in Coruña, where he lived since the divorce. From there he called the Civil Guard to confess the crime and did not oppose any resistance to detention.

Repulse concentration in front of the City of Valga (Pontevedra). Lavandeira jr

A town doubly beaten by tragedy

The events occurred in the place of Carracido , in the parish of Cordeiro , in the municipality of Pontevedra de Valga , a municipality that just six months ago, last March 10, had already been shaken by a sexist crime in which a man killed to his wife with a shotgun and then killed himself.

The new triple murder and the memory of the recent feminicide of only half a year ago left Valga's neighbors totally shocked. The mayor himself, José María Bello Maneiro , moved the deep emotion of all the neighbors already in the morning at the scene of the crime and in the afternoon again after calling an extraordinary plenary session in which three days of official mourning were declared. Next, a busy demonstration showed the consternation of the entire population and political parties of the town.

The three victims are natives of the parish of Campaña , in this municipality and very dear to the neighbors. This is Sandra Boquete Jamarlo , 39, former partner of the murderer confessed and administrative in a company of Padrón ; Alba Boquete Jamardo , 27, former sister-in-law and owner of a pedagogy cabinet in Pontecesures ; and Maria Elena Jamardo Figueroa , 58, former mother-in-law and emigrated in Switzerland for many years.

Protest rallies

Valga's triple crime has caused consternation throughout Galicia , where, since 2003, 60 women have lost their lives victims of sexist violence, 25 of them in the province of Pontevedra. So far this year, there are 41 fatalities, three in the same province and two in the same municipality.

As a sign of rejection, this Tuesday a unitary concentration has been called before the Government Sub-Delegation in Pontevedra at 12 noon to be chaired by the Government Delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada, and the Pontevedra Sub-Delegate , Maica Larriba , as well as politicians of all parties politicians. Already in the afternoon, at 6:00 pm in the same place there will be another protest called by the association Mulleres en Igualdad and on Wednesday there are summoned concentrations by towns throughout Galicia.

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Pontevedra A man murders his ex-wife, his ex-mother-in-law and his former sister-in-law in the town of Valga in Pontevedra

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