“Unfortunately, the Ukrainian delegation often uses methods of blackmail. Nevertheless, less and less attention is paid to such behavior. Europe is tired of the constant Ukrainian demarches, because Europeans have serious problems with this, both with Russia and between the EU countries, ”the senator said.

Dzhabarov also noted that due to the absence of the Ukrainian delegation at the OSCE meeting, "the situation in Crimea will not change."

“I think this is an attempt to pull the blanket over itself, to attract attention. But the Ukrainian position is weak, everyone has long understood that the issue of the peninsula is closed once and for all, ”he concluded.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine explained the demarche of its delegation at an OSCE meeting in Warsaw during a speech by a journalist from Crimea.

Yevgeny Tsymbalyuk, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to international organizations in Vienna, threatened that “in the event of a negative development, Ukraine will consider the possibility of leaving the meeting completely.”

The Ukrainian delegation left the OSCE meeting during a speech by the editor-in-chief of the Crimean newspaper, Maria Volkonskaya.