According to RIA Novosti, this is the second attempt to boycott the journalist’s speech.

“When it became clear today that my presentation will take place and I began to speak, representatives of delegations from Canada, France and Ukraine left the meeting room. At the same time, the representative of Ukraine did not return to the meeting room. They arranged a boycott, ”she told the agency.

Volkonskaya regarded the delegation’s act as "reluctance to hear the uncomfortable truth about the life of the Russian Crimea."

Earlier, British Permanent Representative to the UN Karen Pierce said that Ukrainian citizens in Crimea are in a “desperate situation” and supposedly do not get access to basic social services.

At the same time, the acting Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky, commenting on the speech of the British colleague, emphasized that this information is not true.

Crimea became the Russian region after the referendum of 2014, in which the majority of the inhabitants of the peninsula called for reunification with Russia.