The Community of Madrid has imposed the first sanction on a person for an amount of 20,001 euros to coach LB for very serious infringement since the entry into force of the Law on comprehensive protection against LGTBifobia and discrimination based on orientation and identity in the Community of Madrid.

The fine corresponds to a sanction procedure resolved this Tuesday by the Governing Council.

The regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, who has guaranteed that he will not take a step back in the defense of the rights of the LGTBI collective, has indicated it in the press conference following the Governing Council meeting .

The file began in 2016 following a brief that the Arcópoli Association presented at the Ministry of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Birth to report an alleged administrative infraction derived from the promotion of "healing therapies on the Internet" the homosexuality".

At that time, the General Technical Secretariat of the Ministry agreed to open a period of prior information of a reserved nature, in order to know the circumstances of the specific case.

During this process, in January 2017, a new complaint was entered in the Registry, in this case, made by two individuals, who also referred to a possible crime for performing therapies.

On March 19, 2019, the General Technical Secretariat resolved that the facts reported could constitute a very serious administrative infraction, as is stipulated in article 70.4.c) of Law 3/2016 and one month later the Governing Council , competent in its case to impose the sanction, initiated the procedure that has now been resolved.

Since the entry into force of the law for the protection of the LGTBI collective, it is the first time that a fine of this amount has been filed.

So far, the rest of the proceedings have resulted in eighteen penalties for minor offenses with fines ranging from 200 to 1,800 euros.

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