• Investigation: Valga's murderer, his ex-wife on Facebook hours before killing her: "Stop going as a victim you are already tired"
  • Newspaper library: A man murders his ex-wife, his ex-mother-in-law and his ex-sister-in-law in the town of Valga in Pontevedra
  • Macho violence: Valga's triple murder drama: two children deprived of their most direct family

José Luis Abet Lafuente , author of the shooting murder of his ex-wife, his ex-sister-in-law and his ex-mother-in-law on Monday in the town of Valga in Pontevedra, has spent Tuesday at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Caldas de Reis , specialized in violence against women, and who has taken charge of the investigation of the triple murder.

The detainee spent the night in the dungeons of the Commander of the Civil Guard of Pontevedra and at 10.45 on Tuesday he was transferred to the courts of Caldas, where he is scheduled to testify before the magistrate holder of Court number 2.

Upon his arrival, several dozen people were waiting for him behind a police cordon arranged by the Civil Guard and shouted at him of "murderer", "miserable" or "son of a bitch". The armed institute had already deployed several citizen security patrols and the Special Unit for Citizen Security (USECIC) of the Pontevedra Command in anticipation of incidents.

Previously, from 9.30 am, some witnesses of the triple murder recorded about eight o'clock on Monday morning at the place of Carracido , in the parish of Cordeiro , in Valga, began arriving at the courts of Caldas. Among the people who went before the judge were two women who reside in a house near the crime in which during the morning of this Monday the two children of 4 and 7 years of the alleged murderer and his ex-wife and victim remained, Sandra Boquete Jamardo .

The crime occurred in the house where the couple had lived until the divorce almost two years ago. Although the relationship was being stormy in recent months, there was no prior complaint of gender-based violence nor was there a protection order for the victim, who had transferred the situation of violence to his family and those closest to him.

It was customary for José Luis to appear in the house unexpectedly and this Monday he did too. Upon arrival, Sandra Boquete called her family. He approached her when he was about to take the children to his mother so that she could send them to school, she asked for help and they were her mother and her sister, María Elena Jamardo and Alba Boquete . When they arrived, he had already killed her and shot them both.

The crime was committed with a revolver for which he lacked a license. He was shot by his ex-wife when she was sitting in the vehicle, through the window and with her children sitting in the back seat. Then he touched the other two, first his former sister-in-law and then his ex-mother-in-law, all of them with shots and bullshit.

After killing his three victims, he fled the scene, stopped at the Tambre River to drop the murder weapon and took refuge at his mother's house in the town of Ames in Coruña, where he lived since the divorce. From there he called the Civil Guard to confess the crime and did not oppose any resistance to detention.

The children are under the care of a close relative, a great-uncle, and the bodies of the three women are in the Imelga facilities, where they are autopsied. At the end of the forensic work, a burning chapel will be installed in the auditorium of Valga to watch over the three women.

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