April 30, 2019After being left by his partner he started persecuting her and sexually abusing her, arriving to send intimate photos of the woman to his friends. For this a building contractor from Afragola (Naples) ended up in prison for crimes of sexual violence, extortion and stalking. To notify him of the order of custody in prison issued by the magistrate of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere were the police of the Tenenza di Caivano.

Last March it was the woman who reported the abuses and the state of terror in which she lived after having decided to leave the former partner: the man raped her and also sent some intimate photos of the woman to her friends. He - it has emerged - never accepted the interruption of the relationship and started bombarding the woman with phone calls and messages and threatening to send his friends intimate photos if she had not returned the money lent and the money equivalent of the presents. It has not been ascertained whether the photos of the woman sent by the man to his friends have also ended up online.