Saudi factory

  • Pompey accuses Iran of attacks on Saudi refineries. Halved production. Use: we will use reserves
  • Trump calls Salman after attacks on refineries: "Damage to our economies"


17 September 2019 Saudi Aramco would inform at least four customers that deliveries of crude oil scheduled for early October will be postponed during the month. Bloomberg writes this, citing some sources according to which, after the attacks on the plants, Saudi Aramco had to revise the oil supply plans but would have assured that the volumes fixed in the supply contracts will be respected.

Accusations and denials after attacks on Saudi oil installations that resulted in a loss of production given the greatest damage caused by a single event for the oil markets. Huthi insurgents threaten new attacks, US and Saudi Arabia, based on videos and images, point the finger at Iran and Iraq, which however deny any responsibility. For the UN "it is not clear who is behind it", Moscow asks not to reach "hasty conclusions". Crude oil splashes by over 10%.

"We are seeing if Iran is behind the attacks in Saudi Arabia. I do not want a war with Iran, I will try to avoid it, but the US is ready with the best weapons, jets, missiles and other systems": the American president Donald Trump talking to journalists at the White House.