Recorder not to be weak September 17 20:49

Speaking of school music classes, recorders. Some people may have memories of walking on the way home after class and blowing recorders with friends. But my finger doesn't move easily. The sound that comes off quickly comes out. Some children are harder and harder than others. The desire that such children want to enjoy music is now resonating. (Network reporter Rie Oishi, Naoko Okubo, Ken Memeda)

Unconfident tone

This month, I talked to a woman in Nara that he purchased a recorder for a 10-year-old daughter with developmental disabilities. The eldest daughter who began learning recorders at school last year. I was practicing at home, but my mother always heard that the tone was "weak and confident".

A woman who thought, "Is it so clumsy if there is a disability?" I caught my eye on a recorder that was on the internet. It is a recorder with a silicon key on each hole.

There were a series of posts on the Internet saying, “It is easy to handle children with developmental disabilities and clumsy children who are not good at fine fingertip movements.”

A woman purchases with half- doubt about "Is it so different?" Immediately when I tried to play it to my eldest daughter, I heard a more stable sound than before.

“I didn't change dramatically, but I think I'm now confident that 'Recorder is fun' and 'I can do it just by using different tools.' I'm going to talk to my teacher. "

I can't play the recorder well

Is there a relationship between developmental disabilities and the performance of a flute? Associate professor Hiroshi Abe, Faculty of Education, Soka University, who specializes in special support education, says, “Some children with developmental disabilities tend to be poor at fingertip movement.”

He gave me four cases that were characteristic.

▼ You cannot draw a straight line using a ruler ▼ You cannot draw a circle using a compass
▼ You can't jump well because the movement of your arms and legs can't be matched by jumping ▼ You can't play well because you can't press the hole of the recorder with your finger

Regarding the performance of the recorder, Associate Professor Abe said, “The idea of ​​supplementing with effort, such as repeatedly practicing to be dexterous, will be stressful for both parents and children. No. Then, the child feels “being done” and dislikes music classes.

If there is alto ...

A new recorder obtained by a woman in Nara Prefecture. At present, the only products from the same manufacturer are soprano recorders mainly used in elementary schools. But on the net.

“Since my hands were small, the Altricorder couldn't be covered. I wish I had ...”
“My child, in high school, had a class of music recorder, and was cold and sweaty. I can't do what I can't do, so I'd like a tool to deal with it."

Even in the middle class, there are many hopes for the same thing.

Dealers and manufacturers move

The recorder's sales agent responded to this voice on Twitter.

"I am watching a series of flows! We are currently negotiating with the manufacturer to make it happen. Please feel at ease because your passion has reached the manufacturer!" (Sales (From the agency's Twitter)

At the agency, parents of children with disabilities can directly enjoy music classes by using this recorder, such as by e-mail. It is said that the voice of expectation such as “I am glad if there is” is sent.

“I am surprised that there was such a hidden need.” “It ’s a surprise to hear from the parents.” “I want to do it,” I also feel excited.When I communicated these movements and requests in Japan to the manufacturer, I received a response saying “I want to consider it positively.” Various people can enjoy music I want to make an effort. "

The opportunity is "I do not want to go to school"

Children with weak grip and children with developmental disabilities will enjoy playing. There are other goods that were born from such thoughts.

A performance assist sticker for recorders devised by a housewife in Kanagawa Prefecture. The finger is made of a special material that does not slip easily, and sticking a sticker to the hole in the recorder makes it easier to close the hole and makes it easier to see the position of the hole.

When we started selling it about four years ago, it is said that not only children with developmental disabilities but also children who go to school for the blind use many.

Yuka Kitamura, the housewife who developed and representative of “Idea Park”, said, “The reason was the eldest son,“ I don't want to go to school because the recorder is n’t good. Some customers call me while crying.That may seem like a recorder, but it's a fun way for kids to play, and it helps kids to be confident. "

To a society that does not feel weak

Regarding these movements that began around recorders, Associate Professor Abe has received a positive response as “I think it is very nice. I want to support you”.

“I feel sympathetic when parents want to lead their children to a“ success experience ”. It ’s important that children feel“ fun ”so they do n’t dislike music.”

On the other hand, Associate Professor Abe is also looking at correspondence at school sites.

“For example, if you use a whistle that looks different from many students, your pride may be hurt, or you might be a child of fun. Then, you understood the characteristics of the children. I think that teachers can give careful instruction. ''

And finally I added: “This movement is only at the entrance, and simply overcoming it with tools will not solve the fundamental problem. Beyond that, society as a whole understands and supports each person with diverse properties and characteristics. I want to become a society where people can come close to their own troubles so that they don't feel bad at all, "he said.