Prime Minister Abe disaster dispatch and other activities of the Self-Defense Forces Negira September 17 20:58

Prime Minister Abe greeted at a social gathering with SDF executives at the Prime Minister's official residence on the night of the 17th, seeking to respond to missile launches by North Korea and dispatching disasters, and the security environment is becoming increasingly severe I encouraged the activities of the Self-Defense Forces to become more important.

Among them, Prime Minister Abe said, “North Korea has been launching ballistic missiles in succession, but it collects and reports information with a thorough vigilance system, whether late at night or early in the morning. "It is a lifeline for our country."

He said, “In the disaster caused by Typhoon No. 15, more than 10,000 members are still struggling to deliver electricity and water.

On top of that, Prime Minister Abe encouraged, “With the security environment surrounding Japan becoming increasingly severe, it is more and more important that you are united in one heart and working together.”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe mentioned that the Self-Defense Forces was founded 65 years ago, and that we are 65 years old. “The steps of the Self-Defense Forces and my life are exactly the same. If you can say hello to the anniversary. Of course, it ’s not active, ”he said.