Taekwondo Association To close response to the request for strengthening the player's review September 17 to 16:27

To the Taekwondo headquarters organization, the All-Japan Taekwondo Association, which is held at the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese representative candidates who have doubts about player enhancement, etc., submit a written opinion for review, and the association will soon respond to the written opinion It is a policy.

Taekwondo representatives from Japan, which will be held at the Tokyo Olympics next year, submitted an opinion to the association for review of this year's enhancement plan created by the “All Japan Taekwondo Association”.

According to the officials, the written opinion asks for voluntary participation in the training camp held once a month or to allow the coach of the affiliated company to be instructed when adjusting before and after the game where the players participate. As a result, the deadline for responses was set at the end of June.

However, according to the player side, the answer from the association side is not shown by the deadline. Furthermore, many players who have doubts about the strengthening policy and distrust of the association have continued to be confused as they forego to participate in this month's training camp.

Under these circumstances, the All-Japan Taekwondo Association will soon provide an answer to the opinion.
According to the people concerned, based on this answer, it is expected that there will be a forum for discussion between the association and the players.

Hashimoto Olympics Minister "First of all, the association endeavors"

The minister in charge of the Hashimoto Olympics and Paralympics said at the press conference after the cabinet meeting, “From the standpoint of 'athlete first', the association does not begin to make an effort to face the players firmly, but it is the most important. I will listen to the player's voice and make a decision, so I want to watch it. "