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The President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, delivers a speech at a debate on her election to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 16 July 2019 (photo illustration). REUTERS / Vincent Kessler

In Strasbourg, where the European Parliament has been in session since yesterday evening, the controversy continues on the new European Commission entitled " Protecting our European way of life ", in charge of immigration issues. Yesterday, Monday, September 16, in a forum published in various European newspapers, the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen broke the nail: it is about protecting the rule of law, democracy, freedom, it is to say the fundamental values ​​of the European Union. The Conservatives are the only ones to defend the title.

From our special correspondent in Strasbourg , Juliette Gheerbrant

Ursula von der Leyen , who published a platform in several European newspapers on Monday (16 September), can count on the full support of the French conservatives.

Arnaud Danjean, MP The Republicans, believes that Europe must be proud of what it is. " At a time when other continents in the world are affirming and doing so in a completely uninhibited way, I do not see why Europe should permanently hide behind a lukewarm or bland to assert what 'she is ,' he judges.

The defense of the fundamentals of European democracy is unanimous among the major political groups. " Yes, I agree, there are common European values ​​and for once, when we talk about values, it means something. It remains a kind of questioning around what means lifestyle and I think we should not be reduced to a useless controversy and change the title of this title if we must change, "says Stéphane Séjourné member of the centrist group Renew. Change the name, but not the background. There are no problems with the mission, objectives or means, adds the MP.

Unacceptable for the socialists

In contrast, for Raphael Glucksmann, member of the Socialist Group, whether we talk about values ​​or lifestyle there is a serious problem: " When we put the issue of migrants under the umbrella of this mode of European life 'is that we imply that migrants are the threat to our way of life and therefore it remains unacceptable. "

The controversy is not over, especially as other appointments are debate. Among them, that of a relative of Viktor Orban. " If we want to defend the European way of life we ​​do not appoint a commissioner, the Minister of Justice of Mr Orban, who systematically attacked public freedoms and the Hungarian Constitution ," says Raphael Glucksmann.

Parliament has no power over these appointments, but it can veto the investiture of the Commission.