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Many want to help those in need after the fire: "Incredible to see"


While the fire was still raging on Saturday night, Ann-Sofie Millberg opened the block room at Kärrhöksgränd in Enköping. Since then, the venue has become a natural gathering point for the entire neighborhood - and the Enköping residents are closing in to help those affected.

In total, there were more than 40 households, with some 70 residents, in the house that started to burn the night into Sunday.

Ann-Sofie Millberg herself woke up to the fact that her apartment, located in the house opposite, was full of smoke.

- I looked out and saw my best friend's balcony standing in flames. So first we had to make sure everyone was out - and alive, she says.

After that, she went down to the block room and put on coffee and invited those who had been temporarily homeless by the fire.

- It was awful outside, it was like I can imagine a war zone - and in addition it rained. Here we could gather and hug, cry and get warm.

"Incredible to see how people line up"

Ann-Sofie Millberg works every day in the neighborhood, which is open to almost 500 households in the area.

The room is now full of clothes, hygiene items and food that has flowed in, and many of the firefighters are searching here.

- It's great that so many want to help, I'm a proud Enköpingsbo. In the midst of grief over what has happened, it is incomparable to see how people line up. And those who come here get love, care and talk.

There is also ongoing housing services.

- Those who did not have home insurance do not get a hotel or anything, and right now we have helped so that even the uninsured have a roof over their heads - I think there is a person left who still needs somewhere to live.

Many apartments in the fire-affected house have extensive damage, while others have done better. When the residents can move back is still unclear. Police are investigating whether any crime was committed in connection with the fire.

Source: svt

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