On Tuesday, The Hague is all about Prince's Day, on which King Willem-Alexander traditionally recites the throne speech. The briefcase with the bill of millions and the national budget is also handed over to the House of Representatives. Follow the latest developments in this live blog.

Today's program:

  • King Willem-Alexander has delivered the speech.
  • De Glazen Koets goes back to Noordeinde Palace. This is followed by the balcony scene.
  • Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra will hand over the briefcase containing the bill of millions and the government budget to the House of Representatives at 3 p.m.
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2 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Màxima go to a separate room under the leadership of Chamber President Khadija Arib. The other attendees stay in the Ridderzaal, until the royal couple leave the building.

4 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander closes his speech.

6 minutes ago

Koning points to the falling number of immigrants coming to the Netherlands. "The Netherlands always takes care of the people who really need help." He also says that a good system is needed for asylum seekers who have no chance of a residence status or cause nuisance.

7 minutes ago

The king again talks about the liberation of the Netherlands 75 years ago and praises the multilateral system that helped the Netherlands in the period after the Second World War. "The system must be brought on time." For example, he points to cyber security.

11 minutes ago

The government makes proposals for renewal of the electoral system, so that the Netherlands has more influence on who enters the parliament. That's how a youth parliament will come, the king announces.

12 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander points to the consequences of rising life expectancy. "Important steps are already being taken, for example with targeted measures for people to opt for careers." However, more is needed, he says. "How do we ensure enough loving people at the bedside and in home care?" Before the summer of 2020, the government outlines the "future outlines of care".

14 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander speaks about concrete plans in addition to the coalition agreement. As an example, he mentions bottlenecks in youth care, for which extra money is made available. He also mentions the faster reversal of gas extraction in Groningen.

14 minutes ago

With the pension agreement and the climate agreement, according to the king, the government is looking at the medium and long term. "Clean air and new forms of energy can go hand in hand." The king speaks about "sustainable agriculture and innovative business". "The bill for the climate agreement must be fairly distributed. For the industry, there will be a CO2 tax and citizens can become more sustainable step by step."

16 minutes ago

"The choice for a climate-neutral Netherlands in 2050 is just as necessary as it is promising." Clean air, for example, can go hand in hand with business opportunities, says the king.

16 minutes ago

The king warns of international developments that may affect economic growth. "A strong economy is needed to build further on a strong Netherlands. Prospects for next year remain positive. The national debt is under control and the costs can be reduced. The reality is also that growth will moderate in the coming years. Our economy is sensitive to international developments such as trade wars and the Brexit. "

19 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander points out that the lives of all residents do not "fit into a mold". "A strong economy is needed to build a strong Netherlands." He points out that the prospects for next year are positive.

22 minutes ago

He starts the speech with a reference to Operation Market Garden 75 years ago. "It's special to live in a country where people call themselves safe."

23 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander starts his speech.

25 minutes ago

The national anthem is now being played, just like at the departure of Noordeinde Palace.

25 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are now arriving at the Binnenhof. They are met at the entrance to the Ridderzaal by Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien.

26 minutes ago

As a councilor you still have to follow Prinsjesdag once on location. Impressive!

Avatar Author Bastienne Prins Moment of places 13: 17 - 17 September 2019

27 minutes ago

Hello, Majesty! #prinsjesdag

Avatar AuthorAnne VaderComent of places13: 17-17 September 2019

30 minutes ago

Traditionally, the royal couple in the Golden Carriage is transported to the Binnenhof, but this carriage has not been used since 2016 due to a major restoration that will certainly take a few years. The dismantled coach is expected to be reassembled in the course of 2021. It is not clear whether the coach is already available for Prince's Day that same year.

30 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima wave from the Glass Carriage to the people along the route.

32 minutes ago

In the Ridderzaal they are ready for the arrival of the king.

Chairman @ Jan_Anthonie Bruijn #Eerstekamer has opened united meeting #Prinsjesdag #mijnprinsjesdag

Avatar AuthorFirst ChamberMoment of places13: 09 - 17 September 2019

35 minutes ago

View the most striking hats on Prinsjesdag

39 minutes ago

The artillerymen on the Malieveld now fire a shot every minute as a tribute to the king. They do this until the Glass Carriage will be back at Noordeinde Palace in more than an hour.

41 minutes ago

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are now entering the Glass Carriage. The king has a beard on Prince's Day for the first time since his appointment in 2013.

43 minutes ago

Prince Constantijn, the youngest brother of King Willem-Alexander, and his wife Laurentien are the first to leave with a carriage from Noordeinde Palace.

an hour ago

The royal couple leaves around 1 p.m. The route to the Binnenhof goes via Heulstraat, Kneuterdijk, Lange Voorhout, Tournooiveld and Korte Vijverberg.

an hour ago

De Glazen Koets is on its way to Noordeinde Palace, where Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will board. The royal couple leaves at exactly 1 p.m. The route to the Binnenhof runs via Heulstraat, Kneuterdijk, Lange Voorhout, Tournooiveld and Korte Vijverberg.

an hour ago

The final preparations are now being made. The red carpet on the Binnenhof will be cleaned for a while, reports a spectator on Twitter.

Sorry just vacuuming #prinsjesdag #binnenhof

Avatar AuthorRoeleke SmitsMoment of places12: 41 - 17 September 2019

an hour ago

The Ridderzaal is now full. (Photo: NU.nl/Job van der Plicht)

an hour ago

A group of activists are campaigning against climate change during Prince's Day. The demonstrators are in a special compartment at the Hofvijver. (Photo: Pro Shots)

an hour ago

The Cavalry Honorary Escort always practices prior to Prince's Day on the beach in Scheveningen. The horses and riders involved were subjected to a final heavy test yesterday.

Horses for Prince's Day exposed to smoke and cannon blows

an hour ago

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is now at the Binnenhof. All guests must be in the Ridderzaal in more than fifteen minutes. (Photo: Pro Shots)

an hour ago

This year, for the first time, the cabinet has a so-called designated survivor. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is therefore not in The Hague during Prince's Day. If things go wrong in the Ridderzaal, the Netherlands still has Stef Blok.

What if everything goes wrong ... #DesignatedSurvivor # Prinsjesdag2019

Avatar AuthorVVDMoment of places12: 03-17 September 2019

2 hours ago

The military guard of honor along the route and at the Binnenhof is set up. It concerns hundreds of soldiers from all armed forces. They will give a greeting of honor when King Willem-Alexander passes by in the Glass Carriage.

2 hours ago

It is still quiet in the Ridderzaal. King Willem-Alexander will arrive here in over an hour. (Photo: NU.nl/Job van der Plicht)

2 hours ago

The Glass Carriage is also awaited by spectators at the Binnenhof. (Photo: NU.nl/Job van der Plicht)

2 hours ago

In some places along the route it is already busy. The spectators do not have to take rain into account, but a lot of wind. Weerplaza expects wind force 5. "The wind is strong all afternoon, but during the ride of the Glazen Koets the wind is slightly less strong than during the speech of the throne itself." It will be 17 degrees at most. (Photo: Pro Shots)

2 hours ago

The 'hat parade' has been a tradition on Prince's Day for years. Which etiquette and trends should the hat wearers take into account?

2 hours ago

The women of 50PLUS also adhere to the tradition.

All 50PLUS girls and their hats.

Avatar Author Henk KrolMoment of places11: 13 - 17 September 2019

2 hours ago

Just like previous years, female politicians and other guests wear hats on Prince's Day. Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science) is already showing her headgear on Twitter.

Before # prinsjesdag2019 starts, I am visiting the studio of the best hairdressers and stylists from the #mbo in the Netherlands. You don't often experience a treatment like this! Thank you, @WorldSkillsNL!

Avatar AuthorIngrid van EngelshovenMoment of places10: 55 - 17 September 2019

2 hours ago

In the run-up to Prinsjesdag, a number of plans from the government for next year have been leaked. This is what we already know.

2 hours ago

With Prinsjesdag and at the start of the year we see again how many percent everyone goes forwards or backwards with purchasing power plates. But what does it mean exactly?

Why positive purchasing power may not apply to you

3 hours ago

NU.nl reporter Job van der Plicht sees a stream of children with flags flying towards the route from The Hague Central Station. Several schools in the country are organizing a trip to The Hague especially for Prince's Day. In the municipality itself, all pupils from primary and secondary schools have a day off due to Prince's Day.

3 hours ago

Is King Willem-Alexander speaking the throne speech with a beard for the first time? That question is affecting the entire country this Prince's Day. Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not want to give the answer to the pressing question in the Jinek program on Monday evening. But he did state the beard "to fit the king". "He is also a bit orange, and not painted, I think," says Rutte.

3 hours ago

My Haagsche #Prinsjesdag starts in the Grote Kerk with the annual inter-religious celebration. Very many school children welcome, among others, Prime Minister Rutte, cabinet, members of parliament and guests from all over the country

Avatar Author Eiko SmidMoment of places10: 31-17 September 2019

3 hours ago

Every year thousands of people come to The Hague for Prince's Day. The first visitors were already along the route before 6 am.

3 hours ago

Part of The Hague has been closed due to Prinsjesdag. The police clear the route from Noordeinde Palace to the Binnenhof from cars, scooters and bicycles. The traffic and public transport users must also take into account adapted routes. Click here for an overview of all traffic measures.

From early this morning our bikers are busy clearing the route #Prinsjesdag. They are still looking for cars, scooters and bicycles that were left behind. They are then removed by the #gemeentedenhaag and temporarily stored elsewhere.

Avatar AuthorPolitie The Hague and the moment of places08: 46 - 17 September 2019

3 hours ago

Good morning! In this live blog we will keep you informed of developments on Prinsjesdag. It is still quiet in The Hague, but the city is slowly filling up.

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