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The headquarters of the newspaper "Le Monde" in Paris. AFP / Thomas Samson

The standoff continues between the journalists of the newspaper Le Monde and its shareholders. After having published a forum for the maintenance of its independence, signed by 460 journalists of the editorial staff, then a call of 500 personalities, the evening newspaper diffused in its edition of this Monday, the messages of its received readers since a few days. The society of the editors of the World (SRM) fixed an ultimatum to its three shareholders, giving them until Tuesday, September 17, midnight, to sign a pact of approval guaranteeing the independence of the title.

One of the three shareholders, industrialist Xavier Niel, has already signed it. But the business banker, Matthieu Pigasse, is desired. However, he wants to reassure the employees of Le Monde : after giving interviews to Figaro and AFP , he received yesterday representatives of the Independence pole of the newspaper. The business banker says he is quite ready to sign the agreement of approval under discussion for almost a year. This pact of approval, a new right for a press group allows employees to refuse the entry of a new shareholder.

But at the same time, Matthieu Pigasse says he is worried about the risk of his transformation into a veto. The director of the daily, Jerome Fenoglio, denounced him last week-end the " untruths " uttered by the shareholder. And the editorial questions: why Matthieu Pigasse reluctant to sign this pact of approval, if there is in principle favorable and does not intend to sell its shares?

Readers are mobilizing, alongside journalists and personalities, to defend the independence of the world. A big thank you for their solidarity and loyalty 🙏🏻 https://t.co/X8RpHfpVye

Jérôme Fenoglio (@JeroFeno) September 16, 2019

Influence tool

The journalists suspect the banker of having already planned to pass the hand to one of its partners, the Czech industrial Daniel Kretinsky . Which pursues strategic objectives in France and could therefore have an interest in having a tool of influence.

The employees of the daily Le Monde fight for their independence , source of their credibility at a time when the infox flourish.

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