After the murder of Karolin Hakim on Sergel's road on August 26, the police have had many people who have given testimony.

Among other things, a silvery Mercedes is put in connection with the murder - and the police are now releasing pictures of the getaway car used in the murder.

Police: Everything about the car is of interest

Among other things, they write in a press release that all sightings of the vehicle are of interest - as to where it has been parked and refueled as well as those who have been staying at the car.

- If you have any information whatsoever, you should call 114 14 and mention the car, then the operator knows and sends a right, says police spokesperson Nils Norling.

It is mainly observations between August 21 and 26 that are of interest.

- We do not want to limit the search for the reason that we believe information about the car can help us further in the investigation, says Nils Norling.


Police technicians are investigating the car that burned on Stadiongatan in Lorensborg shortly after the Ribersborg murder. Photo: Mikael Nilsson