"Do not miss every chance" to solve the abduction problem early Foreign Minister Mogi September 17 15:35

17 years after the Japan-North Korea summit where North Korea admitted the abduction of Japanese people, Foreign Minister Mogi stated that he would like to respond without missing any opportunity, aiming for an early resolution of the abduction issue in cooperation with the international community. Stressed the idea.

North Korea recognized the abduction of Japanese people at the 2002 Japan-Korea summit meeting, and the nuclear-related issues were comprehensively resolved, and the Pyongyang Declaration was signed on the 17th. It is a year.

Regarding this, Foreign Minister Motegi said at the press conference, “We will continue to respond to the basic policy of comprehensively resolving the abduction issue, which is the most important issue for Japan, in addition to nuclear and ballistic missiles, based on the declaration. "Said.

And, in light of the US-North Korea summit meeting in June, “The US-North Korea process is now in progress.

“The abduction issue is just a matter of Japan itself, and Prime Minister Abe says he will face Kim Jong-un, chairman, without any conditions. I want to respond without missing every opportunity.”