Three days after the drone raids on two Saudi oil facilities, Saudi Arabia has called on the international community to counter such attacks with more determination. After a meeting in Riyadh, the Cabinet called for those responsible to be held accountable and deterred. This was reported by the Saudi state news agency SPA.

The Saudi king, Salman ibn Abd al-Aziz, also commented on the weekend's incident: the "cowardly attacks" not only targeted the country's oil facilities, but also international oil supplies, he said. The stability of the region is threatened.

An "unprecedented act of aggression and sabotage"

On Monday, the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced that Iranian weapons had been used in the attacks after the current investigation. Saudi Arabia also wanted to invite the United Nations and international experts to participate in the investigation. It is an "unprecedented act of aggression and sabotage" and a "monstrous crime that threatens international peace and security."

Meanwhile, the Saudi central bank announced that it was prepared to provide financial aid in view of the drone attacks. Reserve assets are sufficiently available. The attacks on Saturday hit the country's largest oil refinery in Churais and the country's second largest oil field in Abkaik. The country's crude oil production was halved.

The Houthi rebels in Yemen had claimed the attack for themselves. A Houthi spokesman threatened Saudi Arabia with further attacks if the kingdom continued its "aggression" in Yemen. Those who want to ensure the stability of the oil market must induce the Riyadh-led military coalition to end its blockade of the Yemeni people.

The Houthi rebels in Yemen are being supported by Iran - an opponent of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is leading an alliance of Arab states that is fighting the Houthi rebels. Saudi Arabia and the US suspect Iran of being responsible for the attacks on the oil facilities.