Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - Financial supervision Bafin sees, despite some difficulties, no fundamental problems in the transition to the new security provisions for online banking.

"Except for the few stutterers, the situation is calm," said a spokesman for the agency on Tuesday on request. "The banking industry is well prepared for PSD 2."

Banks have to implement the requirements of the European Payment Services Directive ("PSD2") since Saturday (14.9.). Since then, bank customers have had the duty of "strong customer authentication" for online banking and shopping on the Internet. In other words, every customer must prove his or her identity with two independent components.

To release a transfer online, you need first the PIN (PIN) to log into the account and secondly, for example, by SMS, a one-time valid transaction number (TAN) can be sent to a previously deposited with the bank mobile number. Many institutes also offer a "PhotoTAN" procedure: In online banking, a barcode appears that you have to take a picture of. Then a TAN is generated and the booking is processed.

Problems with the changeover to the new procedure had occurred at the beginning of last week at Postbank with its 13 million private customers. Customers are still complaining that they can not access their account online or only to a limited extent, and inquiries about the hotline took a long time. "It's true that some things are not going well," said a Postbank spokesman on Tuesday. He emphasized: "We have no technical problems at the moment."

The Postbank spokesman recently explained that the longer processing time for customer inquiries is due to the fact that the service units of the institute belonging to the Deutsche Bank Group are currently under strike. The union Verdi had declared the collective bargaining at Postbank a week ago failed and has its members currently vote on a perpetual strike at the Institute.

At Commerzbank, the systems were so busy on the first working day after the "PSD2" change that it hooked up when logging into online banking. "The registration was slowed down, sometimes you had to register several times, because the process was canceled," said a Commerzbank spokesman. "We are watching exactly."

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank reports a smooth transition to the new requirements. The new process was made available to customers three months ago, said a spokesman. As a result, 90 percent of customers were already prepared for this as of the reporting date.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Association of German Banks (BdB) said for the private banks: "Of course, there may have been problems with individual customers, but overall it went smoothly." Also at the savings banks are, according to the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) so far no trouble has been reported with "PSD2".