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The government will launch "in the coming weeks" a plan to fight against violence against children, said Tuesday in the National Assembly Secretary of State for Child Protection, Adrien Taquet.

"We will propose a plan to combat violence (made to children) everywhere, at any time, in the coming weeks, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child", adopted on November 20, 1989, said Mr. Taquet during the questioning session of the government.

The secretary of state was questioned by the first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure, seized by La Parole Libérée, the association of victims of pedophilia in the Church.

According to his co-founder François Devaux, the association has requested several appointments from four ministries, to no avail.

"The sexual violence is like a real pandemic ... This subject, I imagine, must bring us all together," said Mr. Faure, denouncing to Edouard Philippe an "indifference" of ministers.

"You can not say that this government is not involved." It's been six months since we've been working with all the ministers, "said Adrien Taquet, describing the psychological, physical and sexual violence done to children. intolerable. "

It is estimated that a child dies every five days as a result of intrafamilial violence.

Every year, 20,000 complaints of violence against children are filed but "the reality is probably 5 or 10 times more," said Adrien Taquet. Some four million people have been victims of incest.

Asked by AFP, Mr. Devaux regretted that the Secretary of State "does not answer the question", including the creation of a national observatory that would identify victims, one of the recommendations of a Senate report in May on the fight against pedophilia.

"They have nothing to guide them in the action, nobody knows what we're talking about," he said, asking: "Is it possible today to know if pedophilia increases or regresses? in France ?"

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