Berlin (dpa) - drivers of electric scooters in Berlin are strikingly often drunk and cause numerous accidents. This is from a balance sheet of the Berlin police for the first three months since the permit for these scooters forth, which was released on Tuesday.

Since June 15, the police registered 74 accidents by the scooter riders. 16 people were seriously injured and 43 slightly injured. The most common causes of the accidents were driving errors, improper use of sidewalks and alcohol.

In 65 of the 74 cases in the capital, the drivers of the e-scooter were responsible for the accident. Twenty-seven times, no one else was involved, but the scooter driver fell by itself. In 19 cases, the police investigated for evacuation.

The police opened 87 investigations against drivers. In 65 cases it was about drunk driving. "The maximum recorded here was around 2.78 per thousand." Especially with checks in the evening and at night, the drivers were "above average often alcoholized." The police imposed 233 fines, mainly for walking on the sidewalk, in pairs or with a telephone in their hands.

The police said: "E-scooters are not toys, they are motor vehicles." For their own safety, drivers should always wear a protective helmet, even if this is not mandatory.