• Saw the bars and flee. Two prisoners escape from Rebibbia prison
  • Padua, drug deliveries in prison: 15 arrested. Six agents are also involved


March 04, 2016The carabinieri of the provincial command of Rome are implementing a precautionary measure against 14 people in the provinces of Rome and Latina, held responsible, in various capacities, for illegal conduct that allowed the introduction into the prison of Drugs, cell phones and telephone cards used by prisoners, evading checks.

In collaboration with the central investigative unit of the penitentiary police, searches are underway on some cells in the penal institutions of Civitavecchia, Frosinone, Rome Rebibbia, Rome Regina Coeli, Campobasso, Viterbo and Spoleto.

In the investigations, directed by the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Velletri, a penitentiary police officer and a nurse are involved, both serving in the prison of Velletri.