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Trump says the US is "charged and ready" to respond to the attack in Saudi Arabia


US President Donald Trump said he is "charged and ready" to respond to the attack against Saudi refineries and said he is waiting for Riyadh's response

  • Supply: Trump authorizes the release of oil from US strategic reserves after the attack in Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia: Questions about the authorship of the attack on Saudi facilities are growing

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said he is "charged and ready" to respond to the attack against Saudi refineries and said he is waiting for Riyadh's response to know how to proceed.

"Saudi Arabia's oil supply was attacked. There are reasons to think we know the culprit, we are loaded and ready, pending verification, but we are waiting to hear from the kingdom about who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed! "Trump said on Twitter. In his message he used the term "locked and loaded" (in Spanish, loaded and ready) that is often used in military settings to say that a weapon is loaded.

US intelligence services say that Iran is behind the attacks on Saudi refineries last Saturday, US media said, citing unidentified officials.

Iran launched almost a dozen cruise missiles and more than 20 drones from its territory in the attack, a senior Trump administration official told ABC News.

"It was Iran. The Houthis are claiming credit for something they did not do, " said the same official about the Yemeni rebels who have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The government has published satellite photographs, the New York Times said , showing what officials said were at least 17 points of impact in several Saudi facilities for attacks that said they came from the north or northwest.

According to the newspaper, "that would be compatible with an attack from the northern Persian Gulf, Iran or Iraq, rather than from Yemen, where Iran's Huti-backed militia operates that claimed responsibility for the attacks."

An official quoted by the New York newspaper also said that "a" combination of drones and cruise missiles "could have been used," which would indicate a degree of scope, precision and sophistication that goes beyond the ability of Houthi rebels alone ".

The media suggest that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, already knew the intelligence information when this Sunday tweeted that his country is "loaded and ready" to respond to the attack.

According to ABC News, the senior official said the president is fully aware that Iran is responsible, but he wants the Saudis to recognize him if they want US help.

On Saturday, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo , already held responsible for the attacks directly on the Islamic Republic and said there is no "evidence" to suggest that they came from Yemen, which was denied by the Iranian authorities, according to which Washington seeks an excuse to retaliate.

That day two refineries of the state oil company Aramco, key to the global supply of crude oil , were attacked with ten drones, causing a reduction of about 50% of their production.

Saudi authorities are investigating the attack and have not yet identified a culprit; while the Iranian government has denied denied any involvement in the attacks.

This Sunday, a barrel of Brent crude was traded at $ 70.98 per barrel in New York's future markets, an increase of 18% compared to Friday's close, when it was $ 60.15.

Just as the increase was announced, Trump announced that he had authorized the release of the country's oil reserves so that, if necessary, they guarantee world supply, impacted by recent attacks against Saudi refineries.

Currently, the United States has saved 630 million barrels of oil for emergencies in huge underground caverns on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The objective of this reserve, created after the 1973 oil crisis, is to prevent a hypothetical lack of crude oil from resulting in a dramatic price escalation and dire consequences for the US economy.

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