Officials from the Ministry of Finance intervened directly in an investigation into the role of the Tax Authorities in the unlawful termination of childcare allowance. That came out on Sunday night and is evidenced by emails and documents released by the Ministry of Finance following an appeal to the Open Government Act by Trouw and RTL News .

The officials were given access to draft reports from the researchers, made adjustments and deleted certain passages. The emails and documents show that the ministry was able to largely determine what was and was not being investigated.

This is an investigation into the role of the Tax and Customs Administration in unlawfully ending childcare allowance among hundreds of parents in 2014. State Secretary Snel van Financiƫn had initiated that investigation when it appeared that the Tax and Customs Administration regularly withheld documents in lawsuits against parents whose childcare allowance had been unlawfully discontinued .

In the interim report, the researchers indicated that it was difficult to get a complete picture because employees of the Tax Authorities might have changed or even deleted documents. They therefore wanted an insight into the authorization of the files, to see which employees can adjust the files.

Mail contact between officials of the ministry shows that that request for insight into authorization was eventually canceled for fear that this would become known later.

In a letter to the House of Representatives last Friday, State Secretary Snel stated that the investigation into authorizations 'would have no added value' and 'after coordination with the researchers was not taken into consideration'.


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