Saudi oil facility attack September 16th 11:39

In response to attacks on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia, international oil prices in the London and New York crude oil markets have been trading significantly around 10% higher than last weekend.

In Saudi Arabia, two oil-related facilities such as Abkhaik in the east were attacked on the 14th, and the government of Saudi Arabia revealed that about half of the daily crude oil production was temporarily suspended. .

As a result, in the London crude oil market at the beginning of the week, immediately after the start of trading, prices rose sharply to $ 71 per barrel, 18% higher than last weekend.

In the New York crude oil market, the price of WTI futures, one of the indicators of international crude oil trading, was $ 63 per barrel, which was also a significant increase of 15% compared to last weekend.

After that, it calmed down somewhat, but as of 11:00 am Japan time, both markets are trading around 10% higher than last weekend.

A market official said, “The US has prepared for the release of oil reserves, but the rapid rise has been halted, but if the situation in Saudi Arabia becomes more detailed, the price could rise further. "