Disaster relief Minister Chiba's disaster area inspection September 16, 14:16

Mr. Ryota Takeda visited the Tateyama City and Kyonan Town in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture, where there was a major damage such as power outages and damage to houses due to the impact of Typhoon No. 15, and said, “I will do everything possible to support the residents” It was.

Mr. Takeda, the disaster prevention minister, first visited with the Mayor Kenichi Kanamaru of Tateyama City, visited the coastal ship shape area where many houses were blown off, and a heavy rain flood warning was issued in the city. We visited houses that were preventing rain leaks.

After this, Minister Takeda visited the city hall and the mayor of Kanamaru told the current situation that the anxiety of life and health was spreading while prolonged power outages. I wanted to answer.

Subsequently, Minister Takeda visited Kunnancho, where power outages continued in the mountains, met with Mayor Haruka Shiraishi, and received explanations on necessary support.

Minister Takeda told reporters, “Despite heavy rains, residents seem to be getting tired. It ’s hard to recover from a power outage, but everything can be done so that residents can return to their lives as soon as possible. I want to do my best. " In addition, he stated that he would like to collect and discuss all kinds of information regarding the designation of “severe disaster”.