The youngest professional Nakajima player in history

Nakajima first stage, who became the go professional player at the youngest age of 10, appeared in the qualifying for the seven major titles on the 16th, and is the first official game to face a male player.

Go's Nakago first stage became a professional player at the age of 10 years, the youngest in history, in April, and won the first official game in July to update the youngest victory record. Is giving results.

On the 16th, the fourth official game, from 10 am, we will be in the qualifying for the “Jandan Game”, one of the seven major titles, at the Nihon-Guan Kansai headquarters in Kita-ku, Osaka.

This time, the opponent was Naoyoshi Furuta, who entered the professional in 1993, and is the first time for Nakajo to play against a male athlete in the official game.

There was a step on the foot of the Nakamichi first stage because it would not be possible to sit on the chair. Nakajima's first stage, who was behind him with white, made his first move carefully in the tight air, while occasionally showing signs of concern around the press.

Each time is 3 hours and the game is expected to last until the evening with lunch.

At the first stage of Nakamura, there are many games with a short time so far, so it will be noticed that you can use your time well.