Renewal member of the reunion adjusts by reading the question September 17th 5:20

For the extraordinary session of the Diet that is expected to be convened next month, members of the Shinsei group, who are severely disabled, will ask their assistants to read the questions they prepared in advance for questions in the committee. We are making adjustments in the desired direction.

In response to the election of the previous House of Councilors election, two members of the Reise Shinsengumi, who were severely disabled, the National Assembly has renovated the House of Councilors Main Hall to be able to attend with a large wheelchair, making it barrier-free Has advanced.

However, the post-legal member of the intractable disease ALS = amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient shows the letters on the dial face in the pupil and the assistants read it, so the committee members belong to. The question is how to ask questions at meetings.

Mr. Togo is discussing the response with the House of Councilors, and in the course of questions at the committee, he asks the helper to read the questions prepared in advance, and is making adjustments in the direction of seeking answers.

I would like to consider further how to re-question when the answer is insufficient.

In addition, we will ask you to bring in equipment that will allow you to read the materials distributed by the committee.