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Mohamed Ali announces his plan to remove Sisi .. and unprecedented interaction with communication sites


Abdel Rahman Mohamed-Cairo

Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali called on the Egyptian people to interact with what he talked about during the past days of the corruption of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his regime, by launching a mark calling for him to step down and go out against him on Friday.

Mohamed Ali had pledged in a previous video to announce "practical steps" to end the rule of Sisi, and stressed that "the time of talk is over", and that it must "revolution", calling on the Egyptian people to stand behind him and support in this direction.

In his call, which he announced through two videos, published late on Sunday evening and enjoyed great interaction, Mohamed Ali divided his "practical plan" into two demands: the first is an electronic move by supporting the marking "Leave_Back_Yesisi", which he launched to invite Sisi to step down in response to the wishes of the masses. Egyptians.

He explained that the second part of his practical plan is to call to take to the streets in various governorates of Egypt next Friday, in case Sisi did not heed the refusal of Egyptians to social networking sites, for an hour, to declare his rejection of his rule, pointing out that he would ask the world to monitor this move And judge him.

Motivating his followers, Mohamed Ali said Sisi's electronic commissions would convey to him the volume of interaction with his tag.He said that if that interaction exceeded 30 million people, which he says he had elected, he should step down and step down immediately.

Mohamed Ali said that the corruption that must be moved to eliminate the Egyptians is a system and management style adopted by Sisi and his entourage, and not in individuals trying to the regime - through the announcement of their abuses - to confirm his claim to fight corruption, pointing out that this system is what drives everyone to commit These abuses.

The volume of interactions with the #Rehl_Besi_Isaisi marker reached an unprecedented level, with the highest circulation in Egypt and a number of Arab countries, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria, Qatar and the UAE, and remained in the global list of the most traded for a number of hours.

While many tweeters were ready to respond to Mohamed Ali's call to take to the streets next Friday, and abandon the fear of the Egyptian security services, others expressed fears that this move is not really deliberate, and does not result in a satisfactory result of angry "corruption Sisi and his supporters ".

The interaction with the marking showed the return of the spirit of the revolution to a section of Egyptians through the re-broadcast of the songs of the revolution, and sections of the movement witnessed in the revolution of January 25, 2011 and the events that followed.

The first in the world, but not Egypt. # Kifayah_bakissi

- Mohamed Gamal Helal (@gamal_helal) September 16, 2019

Scientifically # adequacy_bak_isaisi will work a headache and this is required
Practically, he is not going to have a strong candidate.

- Mohamed Sayed (@ Mohamed08893610) September 16, 2019

The sun of freedom is born and can not die #

- Ahmed Ghareb (@ Ahmedghareb8695) September 16, 2019

From Jordan to the great Egyptian people, our hearts are very proud of you.

- Hadeel Abu Harb (@hadeelabuharb) September 16, 2019

Fear is financial, your hearts and silence remain in us usually. #

- Khalid Gad (@Khalidgadmusic) September 16, 2019

مع مع مع معicicic p p pic pic pic p p p pic p p p p p p pic p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p

- Hamada Yassin (@ HamadaY79947357) September 16, 2019

Revolution is an idea and the idea does not die
م👊👊👊م👊👊👊 ري ري pورة p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p

- Guevara (@dBToLGygAvsYEnC) September 16, 2019

The Crack is a coward and the coward is coward and we, O Crack, go back to the square

# 💪💪

- ElShâwêêsh (@ hoodademo25) September 16, 2019

Adding to the momentum of electronic interaction, Mohamed Ali re-published a video broadcast by Sinai activist Massad Abu Fagr, in conjunction with his calls, in which he criticized Sisi and his regime, and revealed the truth of the allegations of the war on terrorism in Sinai and its other face.

Source: aljazeera

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