Mayor Paul Verhoeven of the municipality of Heeze-Leende has decided on Monday in the aftermath of the incident at an autocross in Leende that he will no longer issue permits for autocross races in his municipality.

Verhoeven will discuss the incident with the organization of the autocross next week. "This will be followed by the official ruling", a spokesperson for the municipality confirms on Monday with

A man consciously drove into the audience on Sunday after an "out of control" argument, police and organization of the event said. Four people were injured, three of them are still in the hospital with leg injuries.

The argument was said to have arisen during the award ceremony and resulted in a fight. The suspect would then have taken his car and "hit a random number of people in the cyclists' quarter," the organization wrote on Facebook on Sunday evening.

The spokesperson emphasizes that the organization cannot be blamed. "You can't take this into account." The event would have met all safety conditions.

There would be, apart from the accident, more reasons why Verhoeven does not want to have autocrosses in Heeze-Leende. "This event is not suitable for the locals and there is no suitable terrain," said the spokesperson.


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