Rome (AFP)

A famous theater in Turin will experience for the first time in Italy in November the concert without mobile phone, a rule demanded by some spectators and that already impose many celebrities.

The experience will take place on November 7th at "Hiroshima Mon Amour", a venue for concerts and exhibitions in the Piedmontese capital where spectators will be invited to leave their smartphone at the entrance for an evening, announced on Facebook its director Fabrizio Gargarone.

"It's very simple, if you go to the party, you can not have your cell, you can not take photos, you can not + chat + (...) and you can not share what you only by living it and telling it, "explains Fabrizio Gargarone.

The director said he will repeat the experience about every two months and is asking a series of artists, without specifying which, to play the game to offer the public "something more true , more direct and, ultimately, more intimate ".

The daily La Repubblica says Monday that if the experiment proved conclusive, it could extend to other Italian rooms and that we could then see widespread at the entrance the Yondr device, a lock pocket magnetic in which one slides his smartphone during a concert.

Several international artists have already established the "No phone" (no cellphone) at their concerts including popstar Madonna or American singer and Nobel literature winner Bob Dylan.

In France, comedian Florence Foresti was the first to impose on her fans the use of a smartphone disconnection cover to access her shows.

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