International oil price rises sharply Sept. 17 at 5:00 on Saudi oil facility attack

International oil prices have risen significantly as concerns over the global supply of crude oil have increased following the attacks on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia. Crude oil prices seemed to remain high until the morning of the 17th, Japan time, as the detailed damage situation was not clear and tensions in the entire Middle East region were growing.

International oil prices at the beginning of the week will be
▼ 19% compared to last weekend in London market,
▼ The price rose sharply at the New York market, 15%.

After that, although it calmed down, it is rising again in the morning of the 17th of Japan time because the detailed damage situation of the attacked Saudi Arabia facilities is not clear and the tension in the whole Middle East region is increasing.

At 4 am Japan time,
▼ London crude oil market is around $ 69 per barrel,
▼ WTI futures price in New York crude oil market is 1 barrel = 62 dollars,
In both cases, the price has risen by over 14% compared to last weekend.

In response to this incident, the United States has announced that it is preparing to release its oil reserves, but for now, the price of crude oil remains high.