About this, as RIA Novosti reports, said Acting Minister of Family and Labor of the Republic Yuri Melnikov.

“We do not plan to conduct an experiment with a four-day work week,” he said.

Information about a possible experiment with the introduction of a shortened week was also commented on by the government of the Novgorod region, noting that no relevant applications had yet been received in the region.

“The Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Labor did not receive applications for organizing a four-day work week,” the statement said.

It is indicated that in the Novgorod region there are four enterprises that entered the first and second wave of the national project on labor productivity.

According to the agency, such a national project includes 266 small and medium-sized enterprises from 30 regions of Russia, including several enterprises from Bashkiria and the Novgorod region.

Earlier, the media, referring to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Pyotr Zaselsky, wrote that the Ministry of Labor plans to discuss the introduction of a four-day working week at the enterprises in test mode.

As Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev emphasized, the possibility of switching to a shortened week depends on the situation in the economy.

In August, it was also reported that Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Labor before the end of September to submit to the government its position on the prospects of introducing a four-day work week.

Expert Riorita Kolosova in an interview with Nation News appreciated the idea of ​​a four-day work week.