Eight people died in a fire on the night of September 15-16 in a residential building in Krasnoyarsk. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. According to the agency, four of the dead are children.

“At 22:26 Moscow time, there was a fire in an apartment building on Gusarova Street in Krasnoyarsk ... During the fire, the bodies of eight people, including four children, were found,” the TASS rescue service reports.

Arriving at the scene, firefighters saw an open flame in the window of the third floor. They localized the fire at 23:04 Moscow time on an area of ​​40 square meters. m, and by 23:36 Moscow time - eliminated. 43 people and 16 pieces of equipment participated in the extinguishing, RIA Novosti reports.

A number of media outlets, citing sources, reported that the victims of the fire were Lesosibirsk prosecutor Vasily Fedortsov with his wife and two children, as well as his sister's family. Later, the press service of the regional prosecutor's office confirmed this information.

“With regret, we confirm that the prosecutor of the city of Lesosibirsk, Fedortsov Vasily Vladimirovich, a wife, two children, as well as a sister and her family died. Prosecutor’s employees offer their condolences to relatives and friends, ”said Olga Gayduk, senior assistant to the regional prosecutor, at Interfax.

According to prosecutors, Fedortsov was appointed to the post in April this year. Lesosibirsk is one of the largest cities in the region, its population is about 60 thousand inhabitants.

Emergencies Ministry experts conducted a survey of the scene. According to their version, the cause of the fire could be a short circuit in the wiring.

“The wiring was old and could not withstand the high voltage that arose as a result of connecting several household appliances to the same network. The wiring shorted and smoked, everything happened at night and the owners of the apartment, as well as their guests were already sleeping, which was the reason for their death, ”the website of the State Ministry for Emergencies in the Krasnoyarsk Territory says.

In addition, the version on careless handling of fire is being considered, according to the website of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnoyarsk Territory. At present, the exact cause of the fire is being established, investigators of the Investigative Committee and representatives of other departments are working on the spot, fire technical and forensic examinations have been appointed.

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Also, the Investigative Committee of Russia announced the initiation of a criminal case on the death of people.

“A criminal case has been instituted on this fact, provided for by Part 3 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code (causing death by negligence. - RT ), ”the website of the Krasnoyarsk subdivision of the UK says.

Soon, the fire case was transferred to the central office of the Investigative Committee, the official representative of the department Svetlana Petrenko told reporters about this.

“On behalf of the chairman of the IC of Russia, the criminal case of the death of eight people in a fire in the Krasnoyarsk Territory was transferred to the central office of the department for the most complete and objective investigation,” RIA Novosti reports her words.

It is also reported that experienced forensic investigators went to the scene to assist in the investigation.

Fire near Achinsk

In August, explosions and a major fire occurred in an ammunition depot near the city of Achinsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The first fire occurred on the fifth of August at the warehouse of the Logistics Support Center of the Central Military District.

An emergency mode was introduced on the territory of the district, more than 9 thousand people were evacuated from the 20-kilometer zone around the scene, another 7 thousand left the danger zone on their own. The fire was extinguished by the end of the day; already on the sixth, local residents were allowed to return to their homes. However, they were urged to avoid walking through the forest, because after the explosion, shells and fragments scattered within a radius of 15 km.

However, on August 9th, new explosions occurred. The press service of the Central Military District reported that during demining operations, a fire broke out again due to a lightning strike. In this connection, the emergency mode was again introduced, and 1.2 thousand people were evacuated from the village of Kamenka. Heavy equipment was transferred to the area, in particular, the rescuers used three fire tanks to extinguish the fire in the arsenal.

In total, according to the regional territorial center for disaster medicine, 40 people were injured in the fires and explosions. On August 16, the press service of the region’s Ministry of Health reported that all victims of the incidents were discharged from the hospital.