The Dutch YouTubers Ties Granzier (20) and Govert Sweep (21) have been sentenced to pay a fine of $ 2,280, equivalent to around 2,100 euros. The pair must also stay away from Area 51 for a year, otherwise a one-year prison sentence will follow.

Both Sweep and Granzier are guilty in the trial, confirms a spokesman for the Beatty Justice Court to They were charged with deliberately entering forbidden terrain and deliberately wrong parking of their vehicle.

The pair must, in addition to paying the fine, stay another three days in the local prison. If they have transferred the money, they will be released on Thursday at 4.00 a.m. (local time). If they don't, the Dutch will have to be detained for another week.

Their drones and video equipment have been captured and remain in the possession of the US court.

The spokesperson emphasizes that it is hard for the Dutch to stay away from the area, certainly until 20 September. The US authorities are sharpened by a suspected assault on the area. On Facebook the announced event could count on millions of registrations.