• Count in Vietnam: we will strengthen the economic partnership with Hanoi
  • Unlock-yards. Conte's appeal and then the agreement between M5s and Lega
  • Government, Conte: "Salvini and Di Maio clarify if they want to continue in the spirit of the contract"


06 June 2019Quota 100 and citizenship income remain intact. This is assured by Giuseppe Conte, following the announcement of an infringement procedure against Italy and the request for a corrective action by the European Commission. The cut to the two measures "is absolutely not the order of the day. We work with the MEF because they envisage cost savings" given that some sums had been "a little oversized", says the premier in a press point from Hanoi.

"We are reasonably working because we expect savings to be spent, which is a completely different concept, which means that in the financial sector we have set aside sums that are a bit oversized, but if spending costs are prefigured it is completely different from saying that we go to cut the measure ", explains the President of the Council.

Council of Ministers next week
On the probability that the Council of Ministers will not be held on Friday "there was no postponement, simply a date had not been set, because we could not reconcile a date this week. Reasonably it will be next week," says Conte.

Incoming solutions in the construction sector
"The construction sector is highly critical but it has dragged on this condition for years. We as a government are trying to encourage greater aggregations, it is not up to me because they are market solutions but I can say - as the highest government authority I come and updated - which certainly envisage aggregation solutions that should try to make up for the problems of the construction sector ", the premier responds to a question about corporate crises.

Conte al Corriere: I'm waiting for the facts from my deputies
"The leaves are like trees in autumn". Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in a conversation with the Corriere della Sera, declaims Ungaretti to tell his position even if he reveals "moderate optimism". "If there are the facts, I am more determined than before, if I am not there I will be adamant, period. If I cannot operate I will have to take note of it and pose the problem in the appropriate institutional locations." Therefore the premature end of the government is not at all averted: "Do not ask me if you will go to vote in September, October, November or December. I am not willing to float, to liven up the months like this. But where ever the crisis will be, it will be the most transparent of history ". As regards the EU procedure on the accounts, Conte reiterates: "I do not want to be the first Italian prime minister to be the subject of an infringement procedure".