Berlin (dpa) - Four days before the planned far-reaching decisions in the black and red climate cabinet, the CDU wants to decide today their concept for more climate protection.

In the draft resolution, the authors are in favor of combating the climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2 by expanding certificate trading to the transport and building sectors. This would make the consumption of fossil and non-renewable fuels more expensive. The template is titled "Climate-efficient Germany - with innovations into the future."

The CDU also advocates a doubling of the ticket tax on domestic flights. For short distances under 400 kilometers, this tax should even be tripled. The tax amount in Germany and in EU countries is currently 7.38 euros per ticket. Air transport associations have protested against it already violently.

In the case of CO2 certificate trading, the CDU argues in favor of the introduction of minimum and maximum prices. "We need binding steering on the one hand, and social stop lines on the other," the paper said. A maximum price would be similar to a long - favored by the SPD - tax increase on gasoline, heating oil or gas act, it says in the Union. In addition, he could prevent the prices from going "through the roof".

The CDU writes in its concept that if the market price rises to the maximum price, it may be necessary to generate additional certificates. As compensation, the CDU brings national projects such as the renaturation of moors and a "tree premium" into play: "Those who bind CO2 with trees can receive certificates for this."