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Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Juncker after their meeting, September 16, 2019. REUTERS / Yves Herman

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Luxembourg on Monday, September 16th, where he met the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and then Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

With our correspondent in Brussels, Pierre Benazet

Boris Johnson was hoping to revive the negotiations to get a new EU exit agreement for Brexit, but his two interlocutors in Luxembourg were rather dubious.

At the end of these interviews, the British Prime Minister still claimed to be able to conclude this new agreement, but he did not change his position one iota. The release date remains that of October 31, there will be no second referendum, the safety net for Ireland remains, according to him, unacceptable.

After his lunch with Boris Johnson, Jean-Claude Juncker reminded us once again that it was now the responsibility of the British government to propose a solution that works. The same is true of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who could only regret the absence of tangible, legal and written proposals. He also had to ensure the final press conference alone beside an empty desk, because Boris Johnson had spun in English after their interview.

The presence of a very noisy crowd of demonstrators hostile to his person and the Brexit being a few meters away is certainly no stranger to his hasty departure. While Boris Johnson rushed into his car, Xavier Bettel did not mince his words to criticize the British unprepared accusing even the government of taking the citizens hostage.

"Do not make it like the European Union would be the bad guy not accepting decisions that the UK proposed"

Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel says the EU is not responsible for the #Brexit "mess we are in the moment" https://t.co/LSV4ZpunWU pic.twitter.com/rEmq5gibiH

BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) September 16, 2019