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After beating David Ben Gurion's record in July, Benjamin Netanyahu again challenges tomorrow's usual omens about his fall. With 13 years and 186 days at the head of the Israeli Government in two stages, the considered magician of politics aspires to achieve a right-wing coalition based on 61 of the 120 deputies that will help him overcome the next months indicated by the hearing before the attorney general and the possible corruption trial. The polls will decide their political survival and personal future .

In an unprecedented event in the history of Israel, the electoral colleges open for the second time in five months due to Netanyahu's failure in the formation of his fourth consecutive Government. At the head of the Blue and White centrist block, the former army chief, Benny Gantz, repeats as the great aspirant but without the novelty factor.

The polls predict a scenario similar to that of the night of April 9, in which they tied 35 seats but with more options for Netanyahu to govern. Then he was prevented by surprise by the leader of Israel Beitenu, Avigdor Lieberman, who now demands an "Executive of national secular unity without ultra-Orthodox or radicals" with Netanyahu, Gantz and himself. But the former prefers a conservative government with the support of religious and Gantz conditions the pact with the Likud not to be Netanyahu, due to his imputation, prior hearing, for bribery, fraud and abuse of trust.

"Give me the vote for Israel to remain a strong, prosperous and successful country. Only by voting in mass to the Likud can we avoid a weak government of the Gantz-Lapid left and the Arab parties!" Netanyahu repeats again and again Unleashed marathon of interviews and promises to the nationalist bases.

On paper, everything seems to go against him. Daily filtering in 'prime time' of the interrogations in the investigated cases. Critics of broad sectors for "weakness" in the face of attacks from Gaza. His 2009 election promise that he will end the Hamas regime in Gaza has returned as a 'boomerang' effect a decade later, having had to be evacuated from the scene at a rally in Ashdod before the siren of projectile fire launched from Gaza. His image of Mr. Security has eroded although many praise that he does not rush into a massive military operation.

Also, after presuming an unwavering alliance with President Donald Trump and influencing his policy towards Iran, Netanyahu now sees how his unpredictable friend does not rule out meeting with Iranian President Hasan Rohani. Finally, members of the old liberal Likud guard such as Dan Meridor, Dan Tichon, Benny Beguin (son of former Premier Menachem Beguin) and Mikhael Eitan have announced that they will not vote for Netanyahu, which they accuse of attacking the judicial system and the media and to cause the division of society. "Former leaders of the authentic Likud understand that they cannot vote for whoever sells the state to have immunity and does not care about Israel but himself. Netanyahu is allied with radicals to perpetuate himself in office," says Gantz.


All this along with the wear of 10 years in a row in power would knock anyone out. No to Netanyahu. Beyond the traditional fidelity of the 'likudnikim' militants and the greater number of voters on the right than on the left, 'Bibi' is the most effective electoral machine in the history of Israel . Able in a week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi and with British Premier Boris Johnson in London; reveal secrets about the Iranian nuclear program; promise the annexation of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank without consulting the security forces; announce dialogue with Trump for a "common defense treaty", despite the fact that in the past the army opposed; denounce irregularities in the last elections ...

At the Ashdod rally, Netanyahu said: "I know that the dictator of Iran [Ali] Jamenei said he prefers Gantz and Lapid rather than me." There is no record of the Iranian saying so, but Netanyahu's message of presenting himself as the only one who can deal with external threats came to his own.

"Netanyahu has only one goal, to win and for that all roads are valid," says public radio commentator Yoav Krakovsky. The electoral strategy of 'Bibi' is to wake up to the right, warning that they are about to lose what the country will return to the times of suicide bombings and withdrawals. With what is played tomorrow, everything goes. Like the vote of fear to obtain at the last moment the two seats that are missing according to the polls.

However, his favorite rival is the press, which he accuses of "being dominated by the left . " Likud brought journalists Guy Peleg (reveals uncomfortable leaks of investigations in their cases) and Amnón Abramovich (veteran left-wing commentator) with the Iranian leadership. They all want their defeat, warns in an announcement. On Facebook, Netanyahu called for the boycott of the chain they both work on, the popular Channel 12 and defined the leaks as an "attack on democracy."

"The media can defame and attack me for 25 years and I can't answer? In a democracy no one is immune to criticism, nor are the journalists who manipulate to take me out of power," he denounces. Although he has raised his hostile tone against the press, he is far from the level of his son Yair on Twitter. The relationship of love and especially hatred between Netanyahu and the media could lead him to the bench. In two of the three cases investigated, he is suspected of acting illegally not to earn money, but favorable coverage.

Legalization of a colony in the West Bank

Jordan Valley Israel yesterday authorized the legalization of a colony in the West Bank, two days before the legislative ones. The Government agreed to "transform the 'wild' colony of Mevoot Yericho in the Jordan Valley into an official colony."

Annexation Netanyahu promised last week to annex the set of Jewish colonies in the Jordan Valley, a strategic land language that represents almost 30% of the occupied West Bank, according to Afp.

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