Prime Minister Abe Japan-North Korea Summit Aiming to Realize Without Preconditions September 16 16:49

At a meeting held by the families of North Korean abductees, Prime Minister Abe emphasized that Japan's position towards solving the abduction issue was supported at the previous G7 summit. I renewed my determination to achieve it without any prerequisites.

Among them, Prime Minister Abe said, “It has been 17 years since the summit meeting between Pyongyang and Pyongyang on September 17, 2002. The abductees' families as well as their families are getting older. , No grace is allowed. "

After that, “At the recent Biarritz Summit, we gained support and understanding from all participating countries in Japan's position to resolve the abduction issue. However, Japan must take the initiative to resolve this issue. I will face myself directly with the Korean labor party chairman, Kim Jong-un, without any conditions, and will act without fail without missing any chances. ”

Prior to the rally, Prime Minister Abe met with family representatives Shigeo Iizuka and Sakie Yokota, and introduced the exchanges over the abduction issue at the G7 summit held in France. "We will work together to solve this problem with full power."