"I have no grounds" Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs denial of involvement in Saudi attacks September 16 19:15

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed that the US government officials pointed out that Iran was involved in attacks on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia, saying that there was no basis.

On that basis, he stressed that there is no such plan for the summit meeting between the United States and Iran, which is attracting attention in line with the UN General Assembly in late this month.

US government officials have pointed out Iran's involvement in the attack on oil-related facilities such as Abkhaik in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, a spokeswoman for Muslims from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran once again denied Iran's involvement at the regular press conference saying that the American point of view was not accepted and that there was no basis.

On top of that, President Trump and President Rouhani, who are attracting attention in line with the UN General Assembly held in New York later this month, said, “There is no plan to hold a meeting, and I don't think that will happen in New York.” Said.

Mousabi spokesman stressed the position that if a meeting is to be held, Iran will need a clear result that will be accepted, and will not respond to dialogue with the United States if sanctions against Iran are lifted.

A spokesman for Yemen's rebel "Fushi" who claimed to have attacked an oil-related facility with 10 drones, released a statement on the 16th, "Using a new engine-mounted aircraft, "I performed the attack," he insisted again.

In addition, a Husi spokesman warned companies involved in the attacked oil-related facilities and foreigners working in the field that it could be targeted again. He stressed that Saudi Arabia could attack all over the country, and stressed that cross-border attacks will continue unless Saudi Arabia stops military intervention in the Yemeni civil war.