• Temporary: Rain turns the streets of Arganda into a river and cuts Metro line 9

The State Meteorological Agency has activated late this afternoon the yellow alert for rain and storms throughout the Community of Madrid from midnight to five in the morning on Monday, before the forecast of rains that could accumulate up to 15 liters per square meter in one hour.

As detailed by Aemet on its website, the alert extends to all areas of the region (Metropolitan and Henares, Sierra and South, Vegas and West).

According to the forecast, rainfall could leave up to 15 liters per square meter in a single hour, and it is not ruled out that punctually accumulated rainfall in twelve hours will reach or slightly exceed 40 or 50 liters per square meter.

Also, according to Aemet, there is between 40 and 70% chance of storms.

In any case, according to the prediction the rains and storms will be remitting throughout Monday, to end the day with little cloudy skies.

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