• Causes: After the catastrophe of the cold drop: Why has the Vega Baja been flooded?
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In the middle of the afternoon, a team of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard is looking for a 66-year-old man of Dutch origin who, according to a witness, has been dragged by the stream of water in the Mayayo ditch of the Alicante municipality of Dolores, in the Vega Baja.

The events have occurred around 3 pm, and after the notice a search device has been established. Sources of the investigation believe that he may be the seventh victim of the storm in Spain and the third in the Valencian Community after yesterday he met a man of about 41 years in La Matanza, an area of ​​Orihuela.

La Vega Baja has lived another tense night due to the floods that still affect a good part of the municipalities and districts of this region in the south of the province of Alicante as a result of the cold drop. As a result of the successive floods, two campsites had to be evicted, one in Crevillente and one in Guardamar. In large part, this is a consequence of the breakage of the riverbed at several points, which has caused the water to overflow and flood various towns, especially Almoradi. Technicians from the Segura Hydrographic Confederation assess the situation to repair the different breaks and have requested maximum caution in the area.

Because of the damage, initially it was planned to evict the hamlet of Heredades, but finally it has not been necessary to evacuate the neighbors, as reported by 112.

The City Council has detailed that the new break affects an area downstream of the river bridge, on the left bank, but "it does not seem that it will significantly affect the term . " Red Cross, Civil Protection, the UME, Civil Guard, Fire and Local Police act on the ground.

The town of Almoradí, in the Alicante region of Vega Baja, was isolated after all its accesses were blocked by a break in the speck of the Segura River produced on Friday that has flooded them . The Hydrographic Confederation advanced this Saturday that the repair work was almost finished.

All access to the town by the AP-7 remain closed and from the City Council have asked the population to facilitate the passage to emergency vehicles , especially trucks that transport material from the quarries. In this sense, the session has indicated that the roads are not used if it is not of extreme urgency.

Evictions in Crevillente and Guardamar campsites

Some 1,500 people have been evicted "in an orderly manner" and without injuries during the past dawn of a campsite in the municipality of Crevillente because of a flood of waters, within the framework of the current episode of cold drop.

Sources of the emergency services have informed Efe that of the total of campers, 310 have been temporarily relocated inside two Crevillente sports centers.

The decision was made last midnight after it was observed that water was beginning to enter the campsite , owned by the Marjal group, and Civil Guard officials met with the mayor, José Manuel Penalva , and the facility manager to take the determination.

The eviction took place "in an orderly manner" until it ends at around 3.30, without further incident.

It is a luxury campsite and the largest capacity of the Alicante Costa Blanca that is next to the AP-7 motorway and a few kilometers from Almoradí.

This noon, the Civil Guard has also agreed to evict another campsite located near the mouth of the Segura river, in the town of Guardamar, due to the risk of a water avenue.

Sources of the armed institute have informed Efe that it is a campsite of the Marjal group, the same company that has another facility of this type in the nearby town of Crevillent, which has also been evicted last morning, when they were in it 1,500 campers

The water avenue that is foreseen for the next few hours comes from the partial overflow of the Segura due to the increase in the arrival of water from the middle and high vegas of the basin in the Region of Murcia.

Eviction work is done in an orderly manner, since the flow is not expected to reach the area quickly but slowly , according to the sources consulted.

Visit of the Minister of Defense

The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, travels this Sunday to the towns of Orihuela and Los Alcázares to see firsthand the effects caused by the cold drop in the area of ​​the east. He will be accompanied by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

Robles moves to the area after having realized this Saturday in Torrejón de Ardoz the device of more than 1,100 armed forces deployed to help the affected population: more than 800 troops of the EMU, 170 of the Army of Earth, 96 of the Navy and 92 of the Air Force, in addition to vehicles, trucks, boats, drones and helicopters.

Although the meteorological phenomenon is going to be less, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees for this Sunday locally heavy rainfall in the peninsular center and the south of Valencia, so it keeps activated for this Sunday the yellow warning for rain and coastal phenomena in 18 provinces of eight communities.

The storm that strikes the southeast of Peninsular since Thursday with destruction, floods, evacuations and cuts in transport has claimed six fatalities. The last person killed as a result of the floods is a 41-year-old Orihuela neighbor found in the area of ​​La Matanza, within the municipality.

The Minister of Justice, Interior and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo , will also visit the area, who plans to go to the UME Command Center in Orihuela and visit different locations in Vega Baja.

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