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After a hot day witnessed a sharp debate in the Egyptian arena through the speech of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the activities of the eighth youth conference, and the responses of the Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali, and the interactions of the Egyptians with them; the subsequent momentum is still present on social networking sites.

In the first response to videos of the army contractor accusing Sisi, his wife and army commanders of corruption, Sisi attacked Mohamed Ali and said he would not accept offending the Egyptian army because it sows suspicion among Egyptians "which he will not allow", and acknowledged the construction of new presidential palaces and confirmed that he would continue to build.

Immediately after the conference, Mohamed Ali responded with four videos to Sisi's remarks, saying that invoking the permanent president of the war on terror in his speeches and conferences is "clear evidence of his failure and mismanagement of the Egyptian state," and considered ignoring Sisi to answer questions regarding his accusations and repeated warning that Egypt becomes what has become "Syria and Iraq" and exported "the threat of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and Muhammad Ali and beyond the Western powers supporting him"; evidence of the weakness of his position and argument.

On the second day, the conflict between Sisi supporters and opponents of the supporters of the artist Mohamed Ali, intensified through electronic warfare dominated the list of the most popular tags on social networking sites in Egypt, including (# Youth_Conference), (#Ask_Res) and (#Reply_Mohammed_Ali_Assisi), while alternating On the top of the most traded on the Twitter site in Egypt and Sama (# trust_bgish_ng_balsisi) and (# sisi_kzab).

Mohamed Ali had closed his four sections, which included his response to Sisi and received more than two million views, calling on his supporters to move from the arena of theoretical interaction to the practical arena, where he announced a plan for it to be revealed later, stressing that the goal is to get Sisi and his gang out of the circle of government and not Attack the army and police.

Under this call, the conflict between supporters of each party intensified through interaction on social networking sites, where he issued a tag (# Sisi_kzab) for several hours, followed by the tag (# trust_ army_ trust_balsisi) to rotate with him on the top of the most traded Twitter site in Egypt.

Mohamed Ali's supporters considered that Sisi had become a "burned card" and republished words to him during the conference, which they saw as showing his confusion, fear and lie, and they used ridicule from him many Egyptian dramas that are similar to the logic adopted by Sisi in his responses and justify his positions.

A number of people interacting with the #Sisi_kabab marking celebrated Mohamed Ali's success in pushing Sisi to acknowledge the accusations leveled against him, placing him in the rank of defender who tries to justify his positions and rectify his popularity.

#Sisi_ liar
Card and burn, concluded speech, Shufulna others, he will not implement what is required of him. Voice of America and the West

- Charles Darwin (@Prophet_Darwin) September 15, 2019

3 recruits among the victims of the attack on the quarry ambush in Arish north of Sinai Ayman Mesbah and Mustafa Sayed Abdel Samie and Ahmed Khaled Fawzi
Countries who Pidfou Altman
The real heroes countries do not blah and those around him # Sisi_kbad pic.twitter.com/7Del6OusxZ

- By chance (@sodfakhaled) September 14, 2019

# Mohammed_ Ali revealed "Balha" and made him recognize the building of palaces, but # Sisi_ liar and became bragging lie, and arrived only a stage underestimated his people Vtoah they were sinners. pic.twitter.com/gzpculSs4p

- Dr. Mohamed Saghir (@drassagheer) September 14, 2019

We oppressed Sisi O Gadaan
In spite of all the billions of mansions, he refused to eat in the palace at the expense of the country.

- Black Honey (@ officialmasry1) September 14, 2019

I feel that Sisi understood the mistake of the sentence: - (want to address the "shortcomings" in the country).
#Sisi_ liar

- Joe (@youssef_hussen) September 14, 2019

It was said to Omar ibn al - Khattab, but the coating of the Kaaba in silk said the stomachs of Muslims Oli # Sisi_ liar

- Mahmoud Elfeel (@ MahmoudElfeel16) September 14, 2019

On the other hand, Sisi's supporters were able to grasp the forefront of circulation through the marking (# Trust in the Army), in which they strongly attacked Mohamed Ali and his supporters, calling them "traitors and criminals" seeking to weaken the Egyptian army and influence its position on the Egyptian street.

But the top of this marking was not only based on the interaction of Sisi supporters, but also a number of his opponents, to ridicule the supporters of Sisi and break into their circle of interest and interaction.

With all the love and gratitude #Nth_Armed_Nth_Balsisi Habib millions @ pic.twitter.com/KGRIqDxhlE

- salah alshazly (@ alshazly_1234) September 9, 2019

The army only supported Egypt
In a world that does not recognize and respect only the forces

- Iman Elnahas (@imanahas) September 9, 2019

Mohammed Ali Kompars clutch Altman from Maine remained and why timing this? This is what will be revealed in the days that come, even if he deceives the ordinary people by deceiving him, but he has not provided a single proof of what he says.

- Khaled Omar Rohoma (@KhaledRohuma) September 6, 2019

The army and security of Egypt and the president of Egypt are a red line that we do not allow to speak against them.

- Charity Engineer Nada (@ masr_7) September 4, 2019

Do you have a hashtag?
And we will publish the videos of #MohamedAli and HenriTweet for #New_Video and we prefer to say that #Mohamed_Ali_fahdm pic.twitter.com/8Nxoeum5LH

- Osama Gaweesh (@osgaweesh) September 9, 2019