• Comencini da Pontida League insult Mattarella, controversy explodes


15 September 2019 " Di Maio is obviously desperate and begs the Pd to prevent M5S from disappearing even in that region. Fortunately, Umbrian citizens will be able to vote, unlike other Italians, and therefore those who have preferred the armchair to dignity have their hours counted. "Pd and M5S cannot escape citizens forever. After 50 years of the left, in Umbria there is a desire to change: there is no palace trick that can avoid it". This was stated in a note by Matteo Salvini.

" Rome is so tanned thanks to the duo Raggi and Zingaretti", so Salvini, meeting the reporters, next to the stage of Pontida's pratone.

"The tones may be wrong, we must always show respect. Certainly choices have been made that do not correspond to the popular will. But I do not use the insult and I propose a change to the Italians". This was stated by the leader of the League commenting on the words of Vito Comencini yesterday on the Head of State.

The center-right allies "agree with a referendum on the electoral law . I talked about it with both." This was stated by the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, who added: "I want every Italian to know for those who vote, without there being any small parties that hold the country hostage".

"I've been coming here for 26 years and I've never seen a day like this before, huge columns of cars, buses. Someone imagined a sad day, instead it will be a Pontida never seen. We want a government of the people against a government of the palace".

"The problem is that Italy is once again a refugee camp. We will see it in the coming weeks. The NGOs celebrated. If they dismantle the security decree it will be another referendum occasion, so that the people will oppose the choices of the building. On immigration he sees it gray in the coming months, I see it badly ". So Matteo Salvini.

Gad Lerner in Pontida, heavy insults from the Northern League
"Freemason, beggar, go home, son of a hundred fathers, always shit shit on dinoi, today you are the shit, provocateur". Thus dozens of members of the Northern League strongly contested the journalist from the Republic Gad Lerner, who had just arrived at the Pontida pratone. The protesters followed him threateningly up to the press area, set up next to the stage.