The fugitive Carles Puigdemont has one foot in Catalan politics and the other in dusty . Not because he is in Waterloo - something already known - but, in order to avoid jail - the most immovable of his principles -, the one who was president of the Generalitat also designs a strategy to continue challenging the State looking for insurance so that Belgium Remain your unshakable security bastion, which fantasizes about packing to flee, for the second time , to the most unexpected destinations.

This week has been speculated with his intention to leave Waterloo and seek refuge in a place in South America or even in Vietnam. Actually, the Catalan politician has spoken to his closest friends about leaving for a Central European country or the Middle East , although this last option, above all, greatly increases the chances that he will have to say goodbye to his peremptory political career.

The burden of Carles Puigdemont has its origin in the possibility that the ruling of the Supreme Court on the proceeding is condemnatory and the Euroorder is activated again against him , paralyzed when, after being arrested in Germany, the judges of a länder decided that He had only incurred in embezzlement and not in rebellion, because this crime was not typified in German law and they could not even consider it. The ruling of the High Court can be issued in the first half of October, so that the former president has little room to find a solution because that delivery order, with a final ruling by the Supreme Court, would commit all the countries of the European Union.

The departure from the Middle East would be unexpected - although Puigdemont has already shown that he does not disregard film tours and imaginative endings - but it would have its logic given that, in that area, Spain only has an extradition treaty in the Arab Emirates. Among the rest of the countries that would provide shelter without apparent problems is the rich Qatar, with which the Football Club Barcelona, ​​wove spiny but fruitful relationships .

Qatar, a former pirate shelter, with only 20% native population and other foreigners with a very high standard of living, is a tempting destination to let a life of fugitive pass between pleasures and is also a country that already took from his troubles to one of the main Catalan institutions. When in 2010, Barcelona's own members twisted the gesture when they saw that the players' shirts had changed the sponsorship of UNICEF for Qatar, a state with little or no sensitivity to human rights, the club leaders released a "Without fixing the financial situation you cannot be supportive" and presented the offer as a blessing. Well, Qatar could be a blessing to Puigdemont.

The Catalan politician has recently assured that his intention is to dig into Belgium but the former president is known for his changing mood and for his constant rectifications. One day it happens to Artur Mas and ensures that his stay at the head of the Generalitat is short and short , and the next rectifies because he believes that it is better for Catalonia to remain in charge of the presidency. One day he says that he will not be moved and the next one - more specifically 48 hours after the entry into force of article 155 and the cessation of his Government - goes out begging without notifying any of his fellow government members, leaving as a souvenir the photo of a blue sky from the Generalitat when it was already thousands of kilometers away.

The fact is that the former president has considered his second escape and, whether he executes it or not, is already becoming an expert in travel and getaways. The first time it turned out to be a show, hidden in his car, with his wife lying to whom he called; with the help of four conjured essences to take him to Brussels; with a second car lent by some gentlemen who forgot to give him the documentation of the vehicle and almost caused a national catastrophe on the border with France; with people who protected him leaving him even his credit cards and a luxury financier as was the businessman Josep María Matamala. A financier who is not so much and who has opted for the immunity of his position as a senator in case things get more distorted. Puigdemont, say members of his party in Barcelona , has changed companies .

Puigdemont took his life as a continuous promotion or propaganda. Only in a semester of 2018, from June to December, did the Government of Quim Torra bill 24 trips that cost almost 14,000 euros (exactly 13,711.85 euros). Fourteen of the trips went to Belgian cities but others went to Mexico, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Holland Denmark. His escape to Finland to give a lecture also turned out to be a movie. With plane tickets purchased in the name of other people who were not used, a car trip, and 10 CNI agents waiting for him to cross into Germany for the German police to stop him.

Now, terrified of the possibility of being arrested and entering prison - he stayed 15 meters from the border and did not dare to enter France even though he had assured that he would take possession of his Europarliamentary seat in Strasbourg-, idea departures .

He announced that, after the sentence, he was going to take another tour explaining the oppression to which the Catalan people are subjected, perhaps convinced that, following the decision of the Supreme Court, the international calls that have declined in recent months -ponents that have been withdrawn at the last minute, permits denied in European institutions to deliver conferences-, would be revitalized. Perhaps speculating on the possibility of staying in one of those destinations.

The Middle East, they heard him say, it is not known whether seriously or desperately . Or Central Europe. The president has praised the Slovenian struggle and has speculated on the Serbia route to Catalonia.

Meanwhile, the former president continues to carry out his particular campaign. One of the last images of the Twitter account shows him on September 8 giving a speech on two pallets to a few people and dancing a sardana at the foot of the Atomium with the Dansaires del Penedés. The memes rained . Given his character, it is not known whether, while he is packing or digging into the very comprehensive Belgium.

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